Playable Races

Below is a summary of the playable races, and a link to a page with their stats if they are a homebrew race.

Humans: Humans are one of the most common races in the galaxy. Under the Elader, many of them were used as slave labor. Those humans who found themselves freed after the Smiting are now free beings, and are still getting used to the idea. In other parts of the galaxy, notably the Demon Wastes, humans remain slaves, and are even bred to be better and better slaves.
Dwarves: There are two broad categories of dwarves. The pure-dwarves (mountain dwarves) are those who remain in their citadels, travelling the galaxy to find a new home world. There are also the ground-dwarves (hill dwarves), those who have settled on various planets across the galaxy, waiting to hear of the new planet being discovered.
Halflings: Halflings are commonly raiders, pirates, and brigands who prey on anyone travelling across the galaxy, but especially around the edges of the Demon Wastes. The only geographic difference between the two halfling varieties is that Stout halflings are more likely to be along and within the Wastes, being resistant to the dangers and toxins of the Wastes.
Elves: The High Elves are known as the Elader, who until recently were the leading class of a galactic empire. Wood elves are also of the Elader, but are more likely to be found on newly settled worlds, rather than the heart of the empire. There are no drow in the galaxy, at least not without some incredible backstory from a player, seeing the very divine and holy tendencies of the Elader.
Dragonborn: Dragonborn are usually from planets still ruled by various dragon overlords, and almost always worship their dragon as a god.
Gnomes: Gnomes are one of the main races in the Technocracy, the other primary race being kobolds. Gnomes tend to favor inventions that are more offensive and/or mechanical in nature than the other main races of the Technocracy.
Half-Orc: Orcs are a very common sight in the Demon Waste, and half-orcs are nearly as common.
Half-elf: Half-elves are much less common than half-orcs, but are not unheard of. The most common cases would be with their elven parent being a Wood Elf, as the higher-class Elader rarely would associate with a human, let alone have a child with one.
Tiefling: Tieflings are the most common race in the Devil Imperium, and serve as its primary work and military force.
Goliaths: Goliaths are an honor-bound race, fascinated with competition and battle. Nearly every gladiatorial arena in the galaxy has at least one or two goliaths on hand.
Gensai: Half-jinn, the gensai are a fairly xenophobic race. They serve as courtiers and servants of the Four Jinn Courts.
Aarakocra: The aarakorca tend to colonize gas giants, keeping them out of competition with most other races in finding habitats. During the Second God War, they allied with the Elader.

Homebrew Races: Note that this list is a work in progress. The galaxy is massive, and about any race imaginable is up for being created. Therefore, all the races below are ones that have been requested, important enough for the story to stat out, or otherwise created.
Rakkin: A clan-like race of humanoid raccoons. Rakkins travel any and everywhere in the galaxy in their starsailers, which are typically assembled from the various scrap parts the clan has gathered over its history.
Kalashtar: A race originating in humans with latent psionic abilities.
Shifter: Shifters derive from the blood of were-touched mixed with humans. Stories said they were originally bred to serve as shock infantry and scouts for the Devil Imperium, almost as a savage counterpart of elves.

NPC Races: These are races that are prevalent in the galaxy, but have not yet been blocked out as a playable race.
Kobolds: Kobolds are one of the primary member races of the Technocracy. Their technology and magic tends to focus on traps and defenses. There are other tribes of kobolds that worship the various dragons that have claimed planets as their domains, but these are fewer in number.
Goblins: Goblins are most common in the Technocracy borderworlds. They are like the other member races of the Technocracy. While gnomes like mechanics and kobolds prefer traps, the goblins prefer alchemy and explosives.

Playable Races

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