Demon Wastes

Summary: The Demon Wastes are a realm of pure chaos. Demons rule by force and fear, barbarian tribes wander the planets, and pirates base their operations near the borders. Nothing is predictable here, until the rise of a Archdemon. When that happens, all the forces of the Void rally together under its banner and march forth into the galaxy in a wave of terror unlike anything else. The biggest thing to note about the Demons is their chaotic nature; many of them are just as likely to sit down and have tea with a mortal as they are to rip the mortal apart and eat them limb by limb.

History: Little history is documented by the natives of the Wastes, possibly because few of them are capable of recording history beyond oral tales. Those outside the Wastes only keep focus on the Wastes when an Archdemon arises. It is said that four Archdemons have gained power since the Hellbreak. The second, third, and fourth Archdemons are considered the sparks that caused the First God War, the Second God War and the Smiting, respectively. The stories about the First Archdemon claim that it destroyed the Elader’s attempt to destroy all fiends in the galaxy by devouring half of the crusading navy.

Government: No government exists to rule the entire Wastes, unless there is currently an Archdemon. Some demon lords do exist who rule small kingdoms, and the barbarian clans all have their own structures. The moment an Archdemon gains power, it has the ability to compel all the denzions of the Wastes to obey and follow it. Archemons gain power by killing other demons and taking their power. In theory, any type of being in the galaxy could become an Archdemon, assuming they are able to slay enough demons and gain the power left behind.
While no overarching government truly exists, there are the Jinn Courts. These are composed of the four kinds of jinn (djinn, efreeti, marud, and dao) and serve as the economic powers of the Wastes. The lower class workers are commonly gensai and mephits, as well as the usual array of races. Each of the different courts has a different focus; the djinn are focused on gambling, the efreeti are slave dealers, the marud sell foodstuffs, and the dao run the market on precious metals and gems. Stating who actually rules each court at any time is challenging; not only is their political structure opaque to outsiders, there is enough political scheming and backstabbing within the courts that members of the courts don’t always know who is actually in charge overall.

Religion: No over-riding religion exists within the Wastes. Some of the various demon lords do declare themselves as gods over their subjects, and many of the barbarian tribes worship either their ancestors or primal spirits. All natives worship the Archdemon though, likely due to its compelling magics.

Technology: The natives of the Wastes are not known for their technological capabilities. There is one prime example of magi-tech, however. The realms of chaos spread via objects called chaos nodes. These are roughly spherical motes of pure chaotic entropy. As their influence grows, a node may split into two nodes, one lingering and one travelling to a new area free of chaotic energies. None know the origins of the chaos nodes, but some scholars suggest they are the ultimate source of the Archdemon’s power.

Major Systems: Known to be at the center of the Wastes is a planet surrounded by an atmosphere of chaotic energy. It is referred to as Anhrefn, and many scholars think it may contain some great secret of the demonkind, but no mortal has ever landed on the planet and returned alive.

Major Organizations: " ‘Round the edges of the Waste be some barbarian clans. Also be some damn halfling pirate crews, and I suggest ye don’t tangle with ’em. Beyond that, ’tis cute ya think organizations and guilds and whatsits could be in the Wastes."

Special Rules:

Archdemon: In theory, a player could become the next Archdemon. Doing so requires slaying extraordinary amounts of demons. For example, if a single player managed to kill an Archdemon itself, that is nearly a surety to gaining the power itself. The weaker the demon, the more demons it will require. If a player is determined to attempt this, please discuss with the DM.

Void Taint: Over-exposure to the chaos energy, especially from proximity to the nodes, may have unusual effects on mortals. One such risk is mutation. There is a relationship between time, exposure, and risk of side effects, and some scholars are attempting to define this amount, but to no sure avail as yet; it seems just as random as everything else within the Wastes.

Demon Wastes

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