Council of Frelgalog

The Council of Fregalog is a fairly loose organization of druidic orders that banded together during the Second God War in response to the complete destruction of a one of the most respected druidic orders, based on the planet Fregalog.

History: During the Second God War, a side-conquest by a horde of demons resulted in the destruction of all life on the planet of Fregalog. This served as a rally point, bringing all of the other druidic orders together, despite their differences in view, to fight back against both devil and demon. Within a galactic year of the fall of Fregalog and the formation of the Council, their forces had managed to kill the third Archdemon in a surprise attack.

Government: The Council is just that, a council organization composed of members of all of the renown and respected druidic circles in the galaxy. Each circle has their own methods of appointing their vote on the Council, but that Councillor serves as a liaison between their circle and the Council as a whole.

Religion: The various druidic sects have various views on religion. Some worship the primal spirits of various planets or climates, whereas as others worship some of the dragon overlords as being the epitome of nature’s fury. Most, however, simply have no religious nature, and none of them had held any reverence for the Divines.

Technology: The various members of the Council rarely completely agree on any matter, unless it involves technology. In that case, all of the druids have the same opinion: powerful technology is a desecration to the natural order, and wielders of it are not to be trusted. As a result, members of the Technocracy are often treated with scorn, if not outright violence by the druids.

Major Systems: Fregalog is the host planet for the Council. It was stripped of all natural life in the relative recent past, but the druids are working on restoring it to its previous beauty at every gathering, typically held once every standard year. Currently, there are just shy of 150 druidic orders represented on the Council, each with its own native planet or system.

Major Organizations: While there are over a hundred different circles in the Council, there are four prominent ones. The Scaled Ones are the largest, and currently most influential on the Council. They are composed of reptilian races, such as sahagun and lizardfolk, and are mostly interesting in bringing life back to dead planets, particularly a swamp-like environment akin to their homeworld of Shaalacksa.
The Ring of the Darkened Moons is another of the major circles. These druids are focused on helping lycanthropes and other were-beings in whatever way they can. Their homeworld is Asta, known for having seven moons with one almost always in an eclipse with the planet.
The Eyes of the Forest is mostly composed of Elader who took up the druidic call. These druids are often associated with the massive living ships Council members are known for travelling in, grown on the planet Welshahein.
The fourth major druidic order is the Hand of Winter. This druidic order is infamous for its obsession with death as the guardian of the natural order. While they are more feared than the any of the other druidic orders, the Hand is also the first to rise to battle against undeath anywhere in the galaxy. They reside on the frozen planet of Cirgunat.

Council of Frelgalog

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