Faustina's Journal #1

"In Which We Summoned Him Back"

I am Faustina Lovecraft. Today was perhaps the most exalted day of my life, and it is with gratitude that I write this.

A few weeks ago, in the Technomancy, we found the location of the Vault. I had heard much of it, and never dreamed that I would walks its marvelous halls. After finishing some loose ends at the… observatory thing we departed to find the Vault, and what a marvelous thing it was to behold! Miles upon miles of raw magical energy, calling out to the infinite abyss of space! I was thrilled, and when that funny dead guy pushed me into the hall I was thrilled to find that they didn’t even follow gravity! Things were all sorts of wonderfully topsy-turvy beauty!

The first thing I noticed, however, was a room for a “Deck” – and as it turned out, it was a deck of many, many things! Drawing from it was a hoot, especially when some caped skeletons came in and started trying to kill this weird Cleric guy and the wolfy fellow. It sure looked fun, though the skeletons didn’t want to fight the rest of us. Which wasn’t very fair…

Mephistos says that those were avatars of death, which I don’t believe. I mean, the Cleric was for the Death God apparently. Which seems silly. I thought clerics healed? Though, necromancy is kinda a type of healing I suppose…

Anyway! When I finally got to draw, I found myself in possession of some keep somewhere in space! Sure, I kinda got hurt too… I feel a good deal less lucky in dangerous situations, but a whole keep! Apparently it’s a dwarven ship keep, though as much as I hate dwarfs I have to say they do make good ships. And it’ll be bigger than our current ship! Maybe we can sleep without tying up that poor dead guy… I always feel bad when we do that.

I forgot to mention! The drunk cleric and that sneaky little girl aren’t here now. I don’t know where they went, but I think that sneak is looking for my secrets! I don’t trust her one bit. I don’t trust the drunk cleric either. Or really any of the party. Except the funny dead guy, he and I seem to get along.

I don’t really understand what happened with the one card, though. I was suddenly naked and in a weird glowy thing, along with that kobold! Kobolds sure are funny, but I don’t really like the idea of being naked around one. That wasn’t very fun. But the others came and saved us, which was really cool! There was a Beholder, but… he disappeared? I wasn’t really sure what happened there but it was really funny!

After getting dressed again I drew from the deck again, since one of the cards said I could. So I got one with a spooky lady with snake hair, and a moon one! Apparently that lets me wish, though. So I wished for the best thing that could possibly happen! I wished for the return of Cthulhu! This big summoning circle opened up and the weird robot guy left with a knight. But the dead guy pushed the weird death cleric’s knight in and it was all good! I’m so happy Cthulhu is going to be back, it’s such an exciting thought! I don’t know where he is, but I know the world is an infinitely better place now that he’s returning.

We started plundering the place and everyone found really cool things! Though I only got healing potions… until I found this orb! I really like it, it’s pretty and shiny and it makes me feel really powerful. It kinda tried to hurt me, but… hey, that’s okay. If I were a scary orb I’d do that too! At the end of it all, though, I felt this really cool surge of power, like I was connecting with the Great Old Ones even more. I apparently can call out to aberrants nearby, too, which means we’ll be able to have lots of new friends! I even did some scrying with the orb and saw Cthulhu, though I’m not sure where he is. He sure is cute!

I just hope the rest of the party doesn’t find out I’m losing my mind. Mephistos says they noticed, but I don’t think they have. I got very good at hiding that at the academy! Mephistos also says that the keep I have now better have a lot of booze. I told him he ought to hang out with that dwarf some if he likes drinking so much but he doesn’t seem too comfortable with religious types. I wonder why.


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