Chapter 2: Of Blight Worms and Bandits

Argoraptor, Kel’thazod, Genghis, and Thokk were heading to kill the local bandit lord, a bugbear named Rogar the Bloody, in order to get the assistance of a halfling named Rinaling Wetfoot in tracking down the necromancer Malarath. When they approached the gates, they learned Rogar had put a bounty out on Rinaling’s head, which immediately caused the party to heatedly debate what to do. They decided (against Kel’thazod’s choice) to turn the halfling in, and got an audience with Rogar, who was holding a male dwarf and a human woman in a cell behind his throne, right next to a very large and covered cage. As Genghis and Thokk attempted to talk to Rogar, and negotiate for a better price, Kel’thazod fired a bolt of ice, abruptly ending negotiations and prompting a battle. Two hobgoblins guards and a pair of avian thugs joined in the battle. The human rogue, Amaya, managed to unlock the cage, letting her and the dwarf, Ragund, join in the battle. Kel’thazod heard something large inside the cage, and decided to try to scare it with illusory fire. Out of the cage burst a giant hyena. Argoraptor used his druidic talents to talk to the hyena, and managed to befriend it. The party killed the bandits, and Genghis and Amaya found a hidden vault beneath the throne. In it, they found a large amount of gold and a treasure chest, which turned out to be a mimic. After a few hits were exchanged, Genghis managed to tempt the mimic into playing a game of chance with him; each would roll a dice, provided by Genghis. Whoever rolled higher got a free hit against the other. Though nearly killed, Genghis managed a final blow first and found… an enchanted club inside the mimic. The party began sweeping the rudimentary fort while Kel’thazod, Genghis, and Rinaling began trying to track Malarath. Without notice, their enchanted gem that was being used for communication with Malarath previously began making noise, and Malarath, seeming far more relaxed than before, congratulated them on killing a couple of bandits, and told them they had twenty minutes before he would kill Rinaling. The party decided to set up an ambush for the necromancer. At the appointed time, a beam of red light appeared from the Gate in space, killing the halfling and wounding Thokk. The party decided to try to see if they could figure out where the beam originated, and arrived on Tratnor, a planet in the Demon Wastes ruled by the Iron Blade, a minotaur-like demon lordling with four arms. He offered the party what information he know, IF they could survive a round in one of his numerous Arenas. The heroes accepted, and found themselves fighting a Blight Worm, a flying worm-like creature mutated by the chaotic powers of the Wastes. It was capable of turning invisible, as well as emitting a blinding flash of light. The party countered the invisibility with an illusory wall of spikes and a rain cloud, and as the first Blight Worm died, two more were added to the fight. These still posed little problem for the heroes, who then headed back to The Iron Blade to hear their reward…


Ironblaze Ironblaze

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