Polities of the Galaxy

These are the major governments and empires present in the galaxy, with a brief description of each.

Technocracy of the Adamant Gear: Ah, me homeland! A nice place, full of gnomes and kobolds too smart fer their own good. Lots of lovely toys can be found there, including me love Loraine here. Careful, she’s a bit of a hotshot.

Devil Imperium: Devils, they like bossin’ people round and fighting like a real legion. Hate them and their Princeling god-king, but still have ta respect their fighting ability. Also, keep out ah there if ye use the arcane magic, less ye end up in some godforsaken prison world!

Demon Wastes: The Wastes are just that, lad; a wasteland. Home to savages and demons and those thrice-damned halfling pirate lords, they be spreadin’ like a plague cross the galaxy. On the plus side, thems so busy killin’ each other they have no time to kill the rest o’ us.

Quu’neu’thal: I’ve never actually encountered them mind-mages, and sure as the Void don’t intend ta! They be sneaken’ round, and who knows what all they be doing in ’eir time.

Council of Frelgalog: Them druids be unlikely to start a war with anyone, except us who like our weaponry more advanced than a pointed stick or a bow and arra. Namely, us Technocrat type. They sail these impressive livin’ ships that allow ’em to convert lifeless planets into huge swampy ones.

Dwarves of Ozandya: Long story short, the devils blew up Ozandya centuries ago, and the dwarves claim their god built ’em a new one. He just forgot to actually tell em where it be. Great mead ta be had, if ye can track down them castle-ships they travel in.

Elader: The Elader once were big-shots, but now be nothin’ but has-been. The Smiting really hurt ‘em, as they completely needed them Divines to support em. They left lots o’ruins everywhere, plenty ah old artifacts and magical stuff across the galaxy.

Polities of the Galaxy

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