Faustina's Journal #1
"In Which We Summoned Him Back"

I am Faustina Lovecraft. Today was perhaps the most exalted day of my life, and it is with gratitude that I write this.

A few weeks ago, in the Technomancy, we found the location of the Vault. I had heard much of it, and never dreamed that I would walks its marvelous halls. After finishing some loose ends at the… observatory thing we departed to find the Vault, and what a marvelous thing it was to behold! Miles upon miles of raw magical energy, calling out to the infinite abyss of space! I was thrilled, and when that funny dead guy pushed me into the hall I was thrilled to find that they didn’t even follow gravity! Things were all sorts of wonderfully topsy-turvy beauty!

The first thing I noticed, however, was a room for a “Deck” – and as it turned out, it was a deck of many, many things! Drawing from it was a hoot, especially when some caped skeletons came in and started trying to kill this weird Cleric guy and the wolfy fellow. It sure looked fun, though the skeletons didn’t want to fight the rest of us. Which wasn’t very fair…

Mephistos says that those were avatars of death, which I don’t believe. I mean, the Cleric was for the Death God apparently. Which seems silly. I thought clerics healed? Though, necromancy is kinda a type of healing I suppose…

Anyway! When I finally got to draw, I found myself in possession of some keep somewhere in space! Sure, I kinda got hurt too… I feel a good deal less lucky in dangerous situations, but a whole keep! Apparently it’s a dwarven ship keep, though as much as I hate dwarfs I have to say they do make good ships. And it’ll be bigger than our current ship! Maybe we can sleep without tying up that poor dead guy… I always feel bad when we do that.

I forgot to mention! The drunk cleric and that sneaky little girl aren’t here now. I don’t know where they went, but I think that sneak is looking for my secrets! I don’t trust her one bit. I don’t trust the drunk cleric either. Or really any of the party. Except the funny dead guy, he and I seem to get along.

I don’t really understand what happened with the one card, though. I was suddenly naked and in a weird glowy thing, along with that kobold! Kobolds sure are funny, but I don’t really like the idea of being naked around one. That wasn’t very fun. But the others came and saved us, which was really cool! There was a Beholder, but… he disappeared? I wasn’t really sure what happened there but it was really funny!

After getting dressed again I drew from the deck again, since one of the cards said I could. So I got one with a spooky lady with snake hair, and a moon one! Apparently that lets me wish, though. So I wished for the best thing that could possibly happen! I wished for the return of Cthulhu! This big summoning circle opened up and the weird robot guy left with a knight. But the dead guy pushed the weird death cleric’s knight in and it was all good! I’m so happy Cthulhu is going to be back, it’s such an exciting thought! I don’t know where he is, but I know the world is an infinitely better place now that he’s returning.

We started plundering the place and everyone found really cool things! Though I only got healing potions… until I found this orb! I really like it, it’s pretty and shiny and it makes me feel really powerful. It kinda tried to hurt me, but… hey, that’s okay. If I were a scary orb I’d do that too! At the end of it all, though, I felt this really cool surge of power, like I was connecting with the Great Old Ones even more. I apparently can call out to aberrants nearby, too, which means we’ll be able to have lots of new friends! I even did some scrying with the orb and saw Cthulhu, though I’m not sure where he is. He sure is cute!

I just hope the rest of the party doesn’t find out I’m losing my mind. Mephistos says they noticed, but I don’t think they have. I got very good at hiding that at the academy! Mephistos also says that the keep I have now better have a lot of booze. I told him he ought to hang out with that dwarf some if he likes drinking so much but he doesn’t seem too comfortable with religious types. I wonder why.

Arnwolf Diary Entry 1
The Unknown

This diary is a mark of time for my memory. Waking on a strange planet I realized I was knocked unconscious and dropped on the planet. Looking around I notice a humanoid watching me who refuses to speak with me, in fact he refuses to move. Melthos must have told him to watch me. After he was unable to brainwash me I can’t imagine he would keep me around. I notice that I am in a field filled with rabbits. The adorable beings look at me with both fear and friendship and I don’t understand why. While I say to myself I would never do anything to harm them, a dark sensation in the back of my mind tells me to eat them. I cannot explain this feeling or where it comes from. I almost feel as if a beast resides within me. I pass off these thoughts in order to foster friendship between the rabbits. A ship has landed. I must see what is to happen.

Bren Shiny Experiment Log #2364
A New Objective

This is head researcher Bren Shiny for the Technocracy’s Artificer’s Guild- Lead Energy Research Team.

We think we may have stumbled onto gold here. We have been tirelessly searching the known universe for a source of energy to harness that will last us forever and that we can use with impunity. But now I realize we have been searching in all the wrong places.

It came to me, in a dream. I was floating in a dark void, when in the distance I saw a recognizable figure. Cogs, millions and millions of them, all turning constantly, never slowing, moving at different rates, but all working together. When I awoke, all I could think about was those cogs, then it hit me. There is no place in this universe that would have the energy we seek. But what about OTHER universes? Other planes of Existence? I went back to the research, to the old texts of the wizards we thought were insane because they wanted to breach the fabric of our reality and go to other planes. These wizards weren’t insane after all! (At least most of them) They were visionaries, ahead of their time!


After searching through the libraries and every resource imaginable, I have found what I was searching for. The plane of Law! Of course, a plane of existence in which its only function is to run on a set of rules, such as perpetual motion. We can use this! Oh yes, we simply need to find a way to get there. That is going to be the new goal of my research team.


Damn it all! The old research and notes of our forbears is exhaustingly lacking in useful information. Spells and incantations are well and good for the people who created them or have years of experience in casting them, but we don’t have that luxury. No, we must find a way to travel between the dimensions with SCIENCE!!! We are crafting theories currently on how we might move through the fabric of our universe while not shredding ourselves into millions of little pieces….


Finally, a step in the right direction! We got our first glimpse of the plane of Law today! It is a glorious milestone for our people. Using powerful vibrations and magically enhanced microscopes, we were able to rip open a tiny hole that showed the plane of law. We recorded our experiment and it will be placed in the grand library for our posterity.

Something that was in the footage worries me though. There were creatures spotted in our recording. We saw the gears, but we also saw what seemed to be automatons or clockwork creatures wondering around as well. Though we only had a 30 second window to watch, there were multiple (8) different creatures that passed through our field of view. This leads me to believe that the plane of law could be infested. We will need to look at these creatures in more depth to find out if they will be a hindrance to our goals.


I was correct, though I wish I wasn’t. After repeating our experiment multiple times, we continue to see these creatures regularly. There seems to be different kinds, but the changes seem purely cosmetic from our viewpoint. Until we can directly interact with them, there is no way to know for sure, as they are largely inactive while we view them.

On another note, the portal project has hit a roadblock. We can create small unstable portals, but they collapse before we can do much to experiment with them. I am seeking permission from the higher ups to use a stronger energy source to pull open the portal.


I have been granted access to one of our more powerful star generators. It is very rare that these are allowed to be used, as they are highly dangerous to activate and drain a lot of energy from the star we use. We also moved our experiment to a remote location outside of the Technocracy’s boundaries, as if something were to go wrong, we would not want to risk destroying everyone.

With everything set up, I and my other lead researchers moved to an observation deck nearby and started the experiment, using a power output from the generator at 10%. As we felt the air hum around us, we saw a flicker down in the experiment chamber. The vibrations increased in intensity until it reached a fever pitch. Then it felt like something snapped. With the snap, all vibrations ceased and we could see the plane of law, physically with no need for observational equipment! We sent a grad student down to run a series of experiments for us to observe. The hole that we created was currently only about the side of a child’s hula hoop, roughly 3-4 feet in diameter. We asked the student to first approach the hole, student complied. Upon reaching the hole, we asked the student to toss a series of objects of increasing mass into the hole to see how it would respond. The list of items and responses are listed below:
Item Result:
Cloth (lab coat on student) Cloth appears unharmed
Arlen’s Lunch (the other grad student) Passes Unharmed, protests heard
An iron rod Passes unharmed, Portal flickers
A common rabbit Passes unharmed, Portal collapses . shortly after

Again, we are dealing with the constraints of not being able to keep the portal stable. We restart the process and open the portal again. Inside, we see the rabbit, dead. We are not sure what killed the rabbit, though we hypothesize that either it suffocated or was killed by one of the creatures from the plane itself. We increased the power to 20% in the hopes that the extra power would help keep the portal open. We then conducted an impromtu test in the attempt to retrieve the rabbit. I used a little of the magic I know to attempt to pick up the rabbit and bring it back into our plane for inspection. The spell seemed to work at first, but before I got the rabbit back through the portal, one of those creatures passed by the portal and the spell immediately ceased its effects on the rabbit. I can only conclude that these creatures have some sort of innate ability to cancel out magic. After the creature appeared, it stopped and examined the portal before picking up all the items we had tossed through the portal and stacking them in a neat fashion, even folding the grad student’s lab coat. It then carried on its way and after a few minutes, I was able to call on my spell again and pull the objects back through the portal, which once again collapsed under the load of the objects passing through it.

We decided to call it a day after this, as I wished to analyze my notes and allow the team to examine the objects that had been exposed to the plane of law for roughly an hour.


We have been analyzing the data and come up with some answers, but also some new questions. After the rabbit’s post mortem autopsy, it was found that the rabbit had indeed died due to asphyxiation and had not been violently murdered by the local inhabitants. This is good news indeed, as it just means we can continue further into our research with less fear of being assaulted by those clockwork creatures. The old texts refer to these creatures as Inevitables, a foreboding name which did worry us at the time. We shall refer to those creatures as such now, to keep them constant through all the data. I have a feeling though that we will eventually need to find a way to easily deal with the Inevitables if we want to have free reign of the plane of law. I will be working on that in my own time, as this could be extremely dangerous and I don’t want the politics of the Technocracy to get in the way of progress.

As for the portal, we are making strides, I think. We have been trying different metals and created the portal in different mediums to see if this affects the portals stability. It seems that the more particles there are to interact with the portal, the more unstable it becomes. Our experiment with creating the portal in a liquid medium ended terribly, with the portal merely flickering out of existence immediately. We then put the chamber in a vacuum and achieved the best results so far. I just think we need to tinker with the frequency and amplitude of the vibrational energy we are generating to find an optimal mix.


My lab notes from 2370-2389 were burned badly in our last experiment and could not be saved. Who knew that by tweaking the timing and speed of the vibrations could even open up portals to different planes of existence. Last experiment accidentally opened up in the plane of fire, and none of us were prepared for it. Luckily, I had an emergency shut off switch located next to me, though we lost our original grad student to the lava that poured through the portal. We have now found the different frequencies at which the Plane of Law will open up. Meanwhile, I have been crafting a special suit. This suits purpose is two-fold. First, and what my team knows of it, my suit is to help me pass through the portal for an extended period of time safely. I should be shielded from the lack of oxygen, and any other harsh elements/temperatures that I may face. The 2nd use of my suit is a little more important though, as it will act as my camouflage and allow me to get close to the inevitables so that I can learn about them. I have been researching and they seem to be constructs. I am already working on crafting a magic rod that will allow me to tune to their frequencies and have them do my bidding. This will be invaluable for moving heavy equipment, but mostly for keeping them out of my way for the future. I have not gotten a chance to test this yet though, but my big day is fast approaching.


This is it! The suit is complete! I have created all the contingency plans I can imagine to make sure this experiment goes off without a hitch and brings me safely back after I am done in the Plane of law. I am taking some of my ‘other’ materials as well for some specialized tests. After the experiment, I will return to finish up my notes.

Damn that incompetent Sloan! I had just entered the portal when it started collapsing on us again. I left specific instructions for how to keep the portal open by cranking up the power a few clicks and sealing off the room, but he still allowed it to collapse. I was stuck in the plane of law for 3 days!!! The only good news is that I was able to perform my experiments without anyone seeing them. My rod I created was insufficient, but now that I have first hand knowledge of the inner workings of these creatures, I am confident I will be able to work them. They are surprisingly intelligent, they knew why I was there and actually carried on some conversations with me. They even offered to drop me back in my plane, though I politely declined and continued to study both them and the cogs of the plain. Next time, I think I will truly have some miraculous results to report to the higher ups.


Finally! Its been a few months in the making, but I believe I am prepared for my real trip into the Plane of Law. My fellow researchers have suits similar to mine, though it is in appearance only, as none of them are near smart enough to construct the kind of suit I have made for myself. Their’s are more closely related to paper mache with air support systems underneath. The plan of attack is for myself to enter and sound the all clear before the others head in so we can start setting up or kinetic energy harvesting machines. I just better make sure that Sloan, whom I am leaving back here, does not ruin everything….

Personal Entry 1:

DAMN YOU SLOAN!!!! I don’t know what that idiot did, but he probably spilled coffee on the control panel. All I know is that once I stepped into the portal, it broke down catastrophically before I was all the way through. I would have been ripped to atoms if my suit hadn’t protected me. I landed in some eccentric’s castle, and when i tried to explain who I was, he just tossed me in the dungeon. If I ever get back to the Technocracy, I will personally toss Sloan into the Plane of Fire myself.
Bren Shiny

Petra's Diary Entry #2
From Beyond the Grave

Dear Diary,

I am writing this to you from beyond the grave. As it turns out, death isn’t all bad – it’s very natural. It is unfortunate that I never got to stop the necromancer’s undoubtedly fiendish plans (not that I ever discovered them), or put an end to the unnaturalness of the demons, devils, and slaads that infest reality. However, I am at peace now.

My death was at the hands of a rabbit on the planet Bundebun, or so I am told it was called. That demon lord I forget the name of sent the necromancer and I here for… company bonding? I don’t know, I died though. Before dying, I did meet a very strange-seeming Druid. I suppose I will never find out his secrets.

The rabbit that attacked us was DYNAMITE, if I do say so. I do not have ill-intent towards it, for while it did kill me it also showed me the way to the next path.

I regret that I never lived to see Amaya again, though I am sure she is doing far better than I, seeing as I am dead. I will be seeing that nice Argoraptor again, I am sure, when I reincarnate. I wonder what kind of body, what place and time, I will be brought back into the world. I know I will not attain true peace and rest in the void in this life.

To Amaya, I leave my cape and my calligraphy tools. I request that my gold be donated to the monastery, if it is possible. And to the necromancer of our party, I wish sincerely that he finds it in his heart to turn back from his unnatural goals.

For the Last Time,

Argoraptor's Lost Diary
The First and Last Entry
After spending such time away from the cruel Malthus I believe I can finally trust people. Travelling with my friends, some of whom have been lost, I think I may finally see the good in the galaxy. Though they all have their flaws, I don’t care. They still care about what happens to me and I hope they know that I would do anything for them. Still, my tail keeps twitching in a way I have never felt before. It is so ominous. I can’t describe it in any other way. It is as if my druidic powers have turned to a sense of foresight that is telling me that I am not long for this world. Even so, if my time left be short, I want my friends to know that they have given me everything I ever truly wanted, friends. So if tomorrow be the end for me know that I will always be with you. -Argoraptor
Chapter 10: The Dungeon of Lost Friends
Adventuring into a winding dungeon, the companions wandered through many doors and hallways. The companions were looking for a scholar that was brought here. Not trusting the place after encountering deadly traps the party proceeded to burn down as many doors as possible to spring the traps. Discovering few enemies and little in the way of treasure, the only thing the party need fear were the deadly traps which thricely had damaged the companions to near death. Being healed by the skilled druid was a repetitious occurrence. Some wondered why the druid, who possessed the most vitality, did not always go first around corners or through doorways. But sadly that lack of damage would not be enough to save him. During an encounter, the chaos-mage halfling, with the powers of choas magic, reincarnated as an elf. This proved to be a great benefit as the abilities of this new body were even greater. Size may matter. After a short rest, the party decided to split up. One of the groups encountered a room full of Grells which were easily dispatched. However this group also had one member, the undead, that decided to open a door that should not have been opened, for the room the lay beyond contained a Mind Flayer. This Mind Flayer dominated the undead necromancer and forced him to cast a fireball upon his companions fighting the Grells. Coming to his senses afterwards and killing the Grells the necromancer explained the presence of the Mind Flayer. While these companions were discussing a plan to deal with the creature, it stealthily entered the room and surprised all but itself. Casting a lightning bolt it knocked the monk of the party out. While the druid and his summoned Allosaurus fought the Mind Flayer in close quarters one group member decided to save the monk. This would prove to be a regrettable mistake. Indeed, he saved the monk from almost certain death but that left the druid alone to face the terror. Angered from being nearly killed by an obviously powerful opponent, the Mind Flayer grappled the druid with his tentacles and proceeded to pull out and consume the brain of the druid. As the Allosaurus dissipated its massive jaws cleaved the head of the Mind Flayer off. Finding the scholar, the companions left the dungeon thinking only of their lost friend who gave his life so that they may live. They thought they may never meet another like him. Perhaps, he would not completely be gone.
Petra's Diary Entry #1
More reasons to hate undead, aberrations, and fiends.

So, I’ve decided to record my adventures after returning to… what can barely be called civilization. After finishing a suicide mission for those accursed fiends, I barely managed to survive what was without a doubt the worst experience of my life. As it were, the fiendish half-Minotaur half-Demon (or Devil? I don’t know the difference, honestly) sent us to find some scholar on Slaadi that had been kidnapped by… cultists? Not that there were any cultists in the dungeon he was apparently taken to. Amaya and the Dwarf didn’t come with us, I wonder where they went instead…

Well, there were death traps. Maybe the cult left them? I’m not too familiar with how cults operate outside of the religious, admittedly. Our poor, pathetic Halfling – may he rest in peace, even if he were an odd creature – got nearly killed by them at least four times, maybe more. I lost track after my ribs were broken.

The worst of it was that undead wizard, though. While the late Argoraptor – may he rest in peace as well – was more than happy to help the halfling and myself heal our wounds, that undead wanted to push ahead without us, leaving us alone to treat our injuries once Argoraptor had used up all his mana. I can’t blame the gnome or Argoraptor, though that undead wizard certainly is getting on my nerves.

The point that nearly led me off the edge, and only refrained from the fact that I would have been killed with ease, came when he split off from the party, leaving us on our own. It wasn’t so bad, to be honest, without him around. The Grell we found waiting for us were a tough bunch, but we were managing just fine without him.

Apparently, he ran into a Mind Flayer – though we only found out about that when he attacked the entire party. I thought that the ghastly wizard was undoubtedly betraying us, especially given his frequent attacks on party members (though, as memory serves, mainly on me). He claimed that it was a Mind Flayer’s doing, and dear Argoraptor seemed to buy it. I was in no condition to fight him alone, though, so let it go – even though it was his fault that the halfling was killed, and then devoured by one of the Grell.

The Mind Flayer did arrive, proving that side of the wizard’s story. Personally, I think he did it of his own volition – I don’t thank that he truly would have any opposition to killing us. But the Mind Flayer existing gave at least some credibility to his claim. The Mind Flayer knocked us around with ease, knocking me unconscious and even killed off Argoraptor. Or so I assume from his corpse after I regained consciousness.

We found that scholar, so it wasn’t in vain… but I’m starting to question my reasons for staying with the group. The only surviving one I feel any obligation to is Amaya, who found and returned my quill to me, now that Argoraptor is gone. The gnome isn’t a bad fellow, nor is the dwarf, but I hardly know them enough to justify sticking around as long as Kelthazod is there. How anyone can trust the undead is beyond me, and the fiends that sent us here are no better.

I’ll decide over the next few days, I might just return to Draken II and stay there. I want to help fight the Slaads and help balance the world, but now that I’ve seen that it’s dominated by infernal Devils and Demons I’m beginning to lose hope. I knew the gods were dead for a while, but never truly understood the state of things without them. Perhaps helping that cleric – even if he is a drunkard – restore a god of some form or another to the world would be for the best.

For now, I need to meditate and push my negative emotions out of my head. I don’t want to lose my cool at a bad time; especially when snapping on the wizard could lead to my death.


Chapter 9: Santa Slaad
A Christmas Special
The party found a village in a cold snow covered planet. The villagers living there were very afraid of the companions. After calming them down the villagers asked for the party to save them from a monster that is going to kidnap there children. When asked why they were being taken the villagers said they did not know. At this time the party noticed a light coming in the distance. Upon closer view it was a Slaad with a large sack. The party began to question the giant man who instantly grabbed three members of the party and threw them into his sack. He then climbed into his sleigh that he arrived on. The robot for the party managed to apply a traceable marker to his friends before they got to far away. The strategy for this was to follow the kidnapper to where he had taken the villagers. The druid transformed into a reindeer to pull the party on a sled borrowed from the village. Upon arriving near the location of the mark the sled was stopped. Looking a bit ahead a large white yeti was spotted. Knowing that the yeti would be afraid of fire the druid conjured his flaming sphere. The yeti began to run away in fear and the companions pursued. The other companions who were taken began to fight the Slaad who carried with him strange powers. Attempting to weaken him the kidnapped companions began to attack. The yeti ran all the way to a barn-like structure in which he crashed through the door. The pursuing companions noticed that inside the barn was a small white dragon with a red nose. This dragon proceeded to eat the yeti. Santa Slaad spit out a large gelatinous blob that needed to be dealt with. The party defeated the Slaad and saved the villagers who were being used as slaves.

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